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Holy Bible (Authorised King James Version)

The Word of God, including both the Old and New Testaments. The KJV is the most accurate translation of the Bible available in the English Language. Other more modern versions are based on a faulty Greek Text and contain many errors and deletions. However, the KJV has stood the test of time and remains the best available English Bible translation. The Bible we offer also comes with a handy word dictionary at the back to help you understand any difficult words.

We do have Bibles in other languages based on the correct Greek text (as used in the KJV). Please specify which language you would like.

Gospel Literature & Tracts

We have various Gospel portions, literature, and Gospel tracts available. Please specify which language and if there is any particular subject you would like material on. We will do our best to help you.

DVD sets are in English only - unless otherwise stated.

Hell's Best Kept Secret & True and False Conversions (in clam shell cases).

Hell's Best Kept Secret (by Ray Comfort - DVD)

In 1991 a major denomination in the USA was able to obtain 294,000 "dedications" for Christ. Of those two hundred and ninety four thousand decisions, only fourteen thousand could be found attending a church the following year. Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the Gospel? Doesn't the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? If so, where have we missed it? The answer might surprise you. Don't miss your chance to hear the sermon more than thirty thousand pastors have listened to! Why are so many unbelievers turning away from the message of the Gospel? Doesn't the Bible tell us how to bring sinners to true repentance? If so, where has the church missed it? Ray Comfort boldly breaks away from current tradition and calls for a return to biblical evangelism. If you're experiencing frustration over lost souls, unrepentant sinners, and backslidden "believers," then look no further. This radical approach could be the missing dimension needed to win our generation to Christ. Every Christian has a moral responsibility to evangelize this dying world. Discover the key to leading others to genuine repentance, and make each moment of your life count for the kingdom of God!

True & False Conversion (by Ray Comfort - DVD)

Sadly there is a lack of teaching on the subject of true and false conversion within the contemporary Church. Yet the Bible is full of instruction on this vital subject.

Through this DVD you will learn about:
  • The cause of a false conversion.
  • The incredible key that unlocks the mystery of all the parables.
  • The six characteristics of a false convert.
  • The factor that proves the genuineness of a true convert.
  • Why a genuine convert will stand no matter how great the adversity.
  • Why the Apostle Paul was "exceedingly joyful" in all of his tribulation.
  • "That is the reason we have so many mushroom converts... why? Because their stony ground is not ploughed up; they have not got a conviction of the Law." George Whitefield

Evolution Destroyed by Design
(by Dr. Kent Hovind, with International Subtitles)

Dr. Hovind's award-winning Creation Seminar is his most popular set of videos, capturing the attention of all, young and old alike. God has used his fast-paced, fully illustrated seminar to bring thousands of people closer to Him. This 18-hour series comes on 8 DVDs with bonus content. Updated! Now includes subtitles in 31 languages.

Includes the following topics:

The Age of the Earth: Uncovers the follies of the Big Bang theory and exposes the religious beliefs of evolution. (Also subtitled in Afrikaans, Albanian, Bulgarian, Chinese-CS, Chinese-CT, Croatian, Czech, Danish, English, Estonian, Finnish, German, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian)

The Garden of Eden: Describes the earth as it was before the worldwide flood, and how it was possible for man to live over 900 years, for plants and animals to grow much larger than today, and for dinosaurs to thrive along with man. (Also subtitled in Afrikaans, Albanian, Chinese-CS, Chinese-CT, Croatian, Danish, English, Estonian, German, Indonesian, Latvian, Norwegian, Polish, Portguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian)

Dinosaurs and the Bible: Traces the biblical and historical references to dinosaurs and includes interviews with people who claim to have seen living dinosaurs. (Also subtitled in Bulgarian, Chinese-CS, Chinese-CT, Croation, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Latvian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Portguese, Russian, Swedish, Thai, Ukrainian)

Lies in the Textbooks: Shows how public school textbooks are permeated with fraudulent information in order to convince students that evolution is true. (Also subtitled in Chinese-CS, Chinese-CT, English, French, German, Indonesian, Latvian, Norwegian, Portguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish)

The Dangers of Evolution: Reveals the terrible effects that evolution beliefs have had on societies throughout history.

The Hovind Theory: Blends scientific observations with Scripture in an explanation of what could have caused Noah's Flood, the Ice Age, the formation of coal, mountain ranges, and the Grand Canyon.

Question and Answers: Covers a wide variety of topics including radiometric dating, starlight, "primitive man," race origins, the mark of the beast, alleged contradictions in the Bible, and many more!

Something For The Children

Christian Teaching DVDs for Children by Dr. Kent Hovind

Children's Video About Dinosaurs: Dr. Kent Hovind captivates his young audiences with this interactive message to a junior school assembly as he tells them all about dinosaurs. In this presentation, for ages 4 to 7, Dr. Hovind combines a creation science lesson with an easy-to-understand message of salvation for his young listeners. He shows them how they can one day have a pet dinosaur of their very own. Dr. Hovind likes studying about them - but find out the one thing he does not like about dinosaurs!

Illusions & Slight of Hand: In this video, Dr. Hovind and his son Eric show how to get and hold children's attention with a variety of "magic tricks" (illusions), using everyday things like coins, cups, forks, and rope to teach Scriptural object lessons. They show how each child can learn to do the same tricks, helping to build their self-confidence, and at the same time, showing how easy it is to be fooled, and warning that Satan is a master at tricking boys and girls into not doing what God wants them to do. Easy-to-understand explanations of each trick will make this an exciting lesson for children. To get the most out of this DVD, we recommend that parents and children go through this presentation together breaking it into smaller sections and doing only a few activities at a time.

How to Make Money: This motivational lesson dealing with the earning and spending of money is Dr. Hovind's most requested message. Discover the best kind of workers, the best work ethic, and learn Godly guidelines for using resources wisely. A very beneficial teaching for growing children, and at times hilarious!

Why The King James Bible?
(by David Cloud. 5 messages on 2 DVDs)

A DVD boxed set to help you understand the controversy surrounding modern Bible versions, whilst giving good reasons for holding to the Authorized (King James) Version of the Holy Bible.

This is an extensive defence of the King James Bible and refutation of the modern versions. David Cloud examines five reasons for holding to the KJV: (1) because of the doctrine of divine preservation, which authenticates the Traditional Greek Text underlying the King James Bible, (2) because the theories of textual criticism supporting the Modern Greek Text are heretical, (3) because the modern texts and versions are a product of end-time apostasy, (4) because of the King James Bible's superior doctrine, and (5) because of its unmatched heritage. The DVD set contains an exposition of the doctrine of Bible preservation, documentation of the apostasy that enveloped the 19th century as modern textual criticism was devised, and documentation of the role played by Unitarians in the development of modern textual criticism. The DVD set concludes with an exciting study on the history of the English Bible from Wycliffe to the 1611 KJV. If you are new to the Bible Version issue and want to understand it, we believe this DVD set is for you.

Roman Catholicism - Past & Present
(by David Cloud DVD)

The Roman Catholic Church is probably the most powerful religious organisation in the world, and claims to be the one true Christian Church. In this DVD boxed set we delve into Roman Catholicism's history and beliefs to answer the vital question: Is the Roman Catholic Church a Christian organisation?

This video exposes the pagan roots of the Roman Catholic system, using video and photographs gained from three trips to Rome. This is a timely presentation in light of the astonishing sympathy toward Rome that is displayed by Protestants, New Evangelicals, Charismatics, and others, and will help prepare God's people to deal with the apostasy and compromise of these last days.

BONUS DISC: Church History Vol. I & II Part 1: The Beginning of the Roman Catholic Church. Part 2: The Roman Catholic Inquisition.

The Pentecostal Charismatic Movement - Its History & Error
(by David Cloud, 4 messages on 2 DVDs)

What about speaking in tongues? What about signs, miracles, and healing? Can a Christian stop sinning entirely? (sinless perfection)

This video presentation traces the history of the Pentecostal Charismatic movement from the early 1900s to the bizarre and heretical state of today's televangelist based ministries. It examines the movements in the 19th century that led up to the creation of Pentecostalism and the outbreak of "tongues-speaking" at Charles Parham's Bible school in Topeka, Kansas, in 1901, and at William Seymour's Azusa Street Mission in Los Angeles in 1906. This DVD set also looks into the theological errors of the Pentecostal Charismatic movements, including: exalting experience over Scripture, emphasis on the miraculous, Messianic and apostolic miracles can be reproduced, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the baptism of fire, exalting the Holy Spirit, tongues speaking is for today, sinless perfectionism, healing is guaranteed in the atonement, spirit slaying, spirit drunkenness, visions of Jesus, trips to heaven, women preachers, and ecumenism.

PLEASE NOTE: In this DVD set we do not teach that anyone caught up in the Pentecostal Charismatic Movement is not a true Christian. Indeed, there have been, and still are many born-again believers who are Pentecostal Charismatics. We rather contend that the unique doctrines the movement teaches and practices (as specifically mentioned above), are simply not Biblical doctrines and ought to be firmly rejected based on a strong Scriptural foundation.

The Testimony of Dr. Mahesh Bandarupalli
(English & Hindi)

The true story of one man's conversion from the Hindu priesthood to faith in Jesus Christ.

Dr. Mahesh Bandarupalli was brought up in Hyderbad, India, in a Hindu Brahmin family. At an early age he seriously studied Hinduism and became an able scholar of the Vedic scriptures. He was revered not only as a Hindu priest but also as a god. In his pride he had a great hatred for Christians who taught that Jesus was the only way to God. He sought to persecute them and disprove the Bible as the Word of God. Then one day something happened. Listen to his story on this two DVD set.

Music for Good Or Evil
David Cloud, Way of Life Ministries.
9 messages on 4 DVDs.

Does the Bible have anything to say about music? How can we tell the difference between good and bad music? What about Contemporary Christian Music (CCM)?

Principles of Good Christian Music (Duration: Part 1: 23mins, Part 2: 35mins): Here we cover the following eight principles: Good Christian Music is for Christians and for the Lord. It is holy. It emphasizes melody. It is Christ-centred. It flows from a submissive attitude. It is separate from the world. It creates vigilance and sobriety. It is doctrinally pure and theologically precise.

Why We Reject Contemporary Christian Music (57mins): We give eight reasons for rejecting CCM: It is worldly, addictive, ecumenical, charismatic, shallow and man-centred, opposed to preaching, experience-orientated, and weakens the strong biblicist stance of a church.

Simple Suggestions for Song Leading (40mins): In this presentation we cover eight principles of good song leading: Leadership, preparation, edification, spirituality, truth and spiritual discernment, enthusiasm and positive attitude, wisdom, and liberty and diversity.

The Sound of CCM (1hour 41mins): The goal of this important section is to give the believer some simple tools that he or she can use to discern the difference between sensual and sacred music. We deal with the following four musical styles that are not fitting for good Christian music:
1. Syncopated dance styles, including the back beat, the offbeat, the break beat, and the anticipated beat.
2. Sensual vocal styles (the whispery/breathy style and scooping/sliding).
3. Relativistic styles (deceptive chord cadence).
4. Overly soft styles that do not fit the message.

Questions Answered on CCM (Part 1: 34mins): Here we deal with 15 of the most common questions on this subject. Part 2 (28mins) is found on disc 4.

Southern Gospel (53mins): Here we deal with the rise and influence of the Southern Gospel Music business and its association with CCM.

Why Fundamental Baptist Churches Are Adopting CCM (29mins): How do traditional Bible believing churches get caught up in the error of CCM?

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