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The Way of the Master series can be purchased from Living Waters. It makes a perfect training series for groups, Churches or individuals.

You can see the episodes for free on Google Video. Please take note that we did not upload these videos - we are only making people aware that others have and they are possibly there.
This is copyrighted material - so if the episodes are on google video - then they may not be there for long - catch them while you can!

For all of the Way Of the Master eposodes - search for the following on Google Video:

Season One:

:: Episode 1. The Fire Fighters
:: Episode 2. The Mirror of the 10 Commandments
:: Episode 3. The Motive of the Sinner
:: Episode 4. The Summary of Salvation
:: Episode 5. Practice What You Preach
:: Episode 6. Idolatry - The Darling Sin of Humanity
:: Episode 7. The Beauty of a Broken Spirit - Atheism
:: Episode 8. W.D.J.D? (What Did Jesus Do?)
:: Episode 9. Blasphemy, Sabbath, & Parents
:: Episode 10. Murder
:: Episode 11. Adultery
:: Episode 12. Theft
:: Episode 13. Lie and Covet

Season Two:

:: Episode 14. God's Wonderful Plan
:: Episode 15. Conscience
:: Episode 16. Alcatraz, Al Capone, Alcohol
:: Episode 17. True & False Conversion
:: Episode 18. When Things Go Wrong
:: Episode 19. The Satanic Influence
:: Episode 20. How to Witness to Someone Who is Gay
:: Episode 21. Evolution
:: Episode 22. How to Witness to a Family Member
:: Episode 23. The Fear of God
:: Episode 24. Ice Breakers (Gospel tracts)
:: Episode 25. The Greatest Gamble
:: Episode 26. How to Get on Fire for God

Season Three:

:: Episode 27. Battle for the Lost
:: Episode 28. Where Has the Passion Gone?
:: Episode 29. Joe Average
:: Episode 30. Caught in a Lie
:: Episode 31. The Divine Butler
:: Episode 32. Why Christianity?
:: Episode 33. Jehovah's Witnesses
:: Episode 34. Mormonism
:: Episode 35. Are You a Genius?
:: Episode 36. Last Words of the Rich and Famous
:: Episode 37. How to Find God's Will
:: Episode 38. What Scares You?
:: Episode 39. Hollywood Be Thy Name
:: The Way of the Master - Behind the Scenes

* These ministries come highly recommended and contain a wealth of information and materials. Sadly, those marked with a * do not use the KJV of the Bible. We feel this is a mistake, but hope that you will learn like we did long ago to chew the meat and spit out the bones. The Lord's Work Trust does not necessarily endorse every aspect of these ministries.

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