Media Clips

Gospel for the Lost

The Amputee...(Nate Pfeil)
Ray Interviews Moses (Ray Comfort)
Michael Jackson's REAL cause of death! [OFFICIAL] (Ray Comfort)
Heaven, Hell, Sin... This Is What The Bible Says... (Ray Comfort)
Come... and he will set you free! (Paris Reidhead)
The Judgement Seat of Christ (Paris Reidhead)

Evangelism Related - how to and how not to...

Four Doctors
Sowing the Seed
Motivational Message - I'll Be Honest - Will You? (Paul Washer)
How to make your Children False Converts
Altar Calls

Some Thought Provoking Messages

And They Crucified Him(Art Katz)
The Glory of God(Reidhead)
The Few (Piper/Washer/Ravenhill/Conway/Leiter)
This is War(Paul Washer)
Judgement Seat of Christ(Leonard Ravenhill)
Manly Stuff(C.T. Studd)
A Call to Anguish (David Wilkerson)
Agony (Leonard Ravenhill)
Beware! Run! (Carter Conlon)
Examine yourself - are you a true child of God? (Paul Washer)
The Days of Noah (Adrian Rodgers)

Bible Version Issue

3 Words that make Christ a Sinner in Modern Bibles (David Daniels)
Why do modern Bibles disagree if they use the same Greek? (David Daniels)

Ex-Catholics for Christ Videos

- C of E Masons
- Ex-Catholic Where are the dead?

Christian Singing

Vicorious Vally Girls
Amazing Love
The Last Blood
It's Through the Blood
Give Him the Glory
That's My Child!

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