British Church Newspaper Review of
'Russellism - What You Need to Know'


    In the minds of many Christians, there is much mystery and confusion about the beliefs and practises of Russellism, which is more commonly known as the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses. This detailed booklet provides a great insight into the doctrines and work of the Watchtower Society, discussing its origins, leadership, sources of authority and various views on a myriad points of theology. For those who want to find out more about this cult, then there are few better works on the market.

    Perhaps the most impressive feature of this publication is the extensive level of research which has gone into its production. Whether it is looking at the Greek etymology or the sayings of a famous Russellite leader, there is great attention to detail and pinpoint precision, with thorough referencing throughout. With clear headings and numerous subtitles, the reader will have no problem using this book for reference purposes. Each chapter is clearly divided and though each section can stand alone, there is continuity in the progression of ideas and a line of argument which is built up throughout.

    The final chapter of the book seeks to enable Christians to witness to those who are engaged with the ideas and work of the Watchtower Society. There are questions which one can ask a Jehovah's Witness and answers which they are likely to receive. In addition to an educational and informative text book, this publication is also a priceless tool in the process of evangelism.

    This booklet spends a lot of time looking at the issue of authority and revelation, successfully proving the superiority of the Authorised Version to the New World Translation. In addition to this, it considers the Russellite's objection to the idea of the Trinity and the doctrine of Christ's deity. In essence this book is full of historic, Scriptural and logical proofs in what is a detailed and determined apologia of Biblical Christianity in contradistinction to Russellism.

    This fascinating publication is worthy of being read and a useful tool for all those who seek to be contenders for the faith.

Michael Gray (The British Church Newspaper, November 2009)

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