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Reach the lost with the Gospel with our new bumper stickers! Made from quality vinyl, these stickers are made to last. They are made with 'Removable' adhesive rather than 'Permanent' so they will stick well but can be removed easily. (Please note: These stickers do not work well on rubber/textured plastic trim)

We have three great designs to choose from. The larger phrase of the Bible text at the top of the sticker is designed to draw the attention of the reader, and then as they get closer, the rest of the verse becomes more visible. The very bottom line reads: "To find out more about the Christian Faith, and to request free materials please visit:". This way, if anyone in the UK or Ireland wants to know more, they can contact us via our website and we can post them free materials and direct them to a good Bible believing church in their area.

We believe these bumper stickers have great potential! Consider this example: If in the course of a day you drive your car around on your daily business and an estimated 30 people read your sticker, and you use your car an average of five times a week, that would be 150 people in a week challenged with a verse from Scripture! That would be 600 people a month, and 7,200 people a year! Now what if you and nine other Christians displayed bumper stickers on their cars also? That would be 72,000 people a year reached with the Gospel!
Vinyl bumper sticker - removable, 39cm x 7.5cm, black and white.

Prices: 75p each, any 3 for £2, any 10 for £5

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