The Atheist Test - Stage 1

Are you REALLY an Atheist? - try this test and see!

Stage One - Snack Bars

Chock Bar I am going to suggest a theory to you about the origin of the chocolate bar. Billions of years ago there was a massive explosion. This big bang produced some rock. Over millions of years some dust and gunge formed on the rock surface and, over time, it formed into a pool of chocolate. Some of the dust caramelised and formed into a sweet caramel layer. Some of the chocolate became fluffy after being blasted by a solar wind, which produced a nougat layer. The layers joined and emerged from the pool of chocolate in a bar shape. Somehow plastic formed and grew around the bar. Millions of years later paint dripped out of the sky onto the plastic wrapper and formed itself into the words 'Chocolate Bar 62.5g'.
Are you still with me? No doubt you are thinking that this theory is childish, silly and an insult to your intelligence. You know that a chocolate bar is manufactured. It was designed and had a maker. I am sure you can agree that to say, 'A chocolate bar came about by chance or a random process,' is to move into an intellectual-free zone.Banana

The Banana - An Atheist's Nightmare.
Have you ever wondered at the features of a natural snack bar?
The banana:

Health Benefits
  1. Is shaped for the human hand.

  2. Has a non-slip surface.
  3. Has outward indication of inward content: Green - too early, yellow - just right, black - too late.
  4. Has a tab at the top to aid removal of wrapper.
  5. Wrapper is bio-degradable.
  6. Is the right size and shape for a human mouth.
  7. Tastes good and helps prevent high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer and rheumatoid arthritis (Valuable source of vitamins B6 and C and also potassium)
  8. Is curved toward mouth to make eating easy.
These features are superior than any man-made fatty snack-bars. To say that the banana came about by accident is on the same intellectual level as thinking that the chocolate bar did not have a manufacturer.

Test 1

The person who thinks that the chocolate bar had no designer is:
A fool
A person with an ulterior motive for denying the obvious

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